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A company's most valuable asset is its employees. Todays’ trend on globalisation is
creating a lot of challenges for employees. Therefore it is crucial to understand how we all work efficiently.

The GenieTeams tool makes this process easy!

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By completing our InnoCog™ test, the algorithm behind GenieTeams will analyse your dominant and preferred functions, your dormant functions and the functions that you are unaware of. We measure your personality traits & help you to uncover different characteristics that you might not be aware of.


Discover yourself

Once you have taken the test, you are able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, learn about your cognitive functions, and find your place in the innovation process. You will be able to access a detailed report & recommendation to help you awake your dormant potential & improve your soft skills.


Define your project

We developed an algorithm that maps this back to a specific project requirement based on the information provided by the project leader or manager. By taking our project questionnaire, GenieTeams will help you to discover which team members are best to select for your project.


Compose your perfect team

We match the right team members with your project requirements and provide you with rich insights on team dynamics. At GenieTeams we believe that Teamwork should be a pleasure and not a hard work. Compose and edit your team on the go and start performing!

We will help you better understand your strengths & weaknesses as well as your communication style, learning and business attitude and the role you can play in helping teams innovate. Don't waste another moment and become more efficient!