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Utilising the latest in Business Psychology


Did you know...

According to a record by Deloitte published in 2016, titled “Everything is Becoming Digital”, they refer to the predictions of the future of HR, where 92% of the 7000 companies surveyed across 130 countries believe that their teams are not organised for success.


Utilising the latest in business psychology!

GenieTeams is an online tool based on the latest developments in business psychology. By combining:


•    Carl Jung’s cognitive functions,
•    creative problem solving model by Paul Guilford,
•    David Kolb’s learning styles,
•    innovative work behavior research by Vesa Rautamaa, and
•    the cutting-edge concept of innoversity by Anna Naumenko,


into one, individuals are able identify their strengths and weaknesses and learn about their cognitive functions. It helps them find their place in the innovation process and gives them a deeper understanding of their business styles.


A vital tool

If you are a team leader, entrepreneur, a mentor or a consultant, this tool is vital if you are faced with the following requirements or challenges:


•    Your project covers more than one stage of innovation,
•    Your project requires collective decisions from more than 3 people,
•    Your project requires diverse specialities and backgrounds,
•    Your projects needs extensive soft skills,
•    Your team members are new to each other,
•    Your team is spread across more than one location,
•    Your project is under time pressure, or
•    Your outcome is uncertain and difficult to predict.


Start performing today

The GenieTeams tool helps you match the right team members with your project requirements and provide you with rich insights on team dynamics. Compose and edit your team on the go, and start performing!