About us

About us

Our team is compiled of a diverse range of people who have dedicated their years knowledge and know-how to make GenieTeams possible.

Get to know our team better:

Dr. Ahmed Shalaby

Heart surgeon Ph.D. Entrepreneur

aka. The founder & CEO who came up with the idea

Ahmed dedicated a large part of his formative years to studying medicine and specifically cardiac surgery. After qualifying and spending numerous years in research teaching and spending time with students he realised he was ignoring an inner desire to becoming an entrepreneur and help his students find their lifetime career goals. After this moment of reflexion, in 2008, he decided to start what has today become the Human Information Technology Laboratory (HIT Lab). HIT Lab is a digital engineering laboratory specialized in streaming psychology and labour market data along AI applications to improve human productivity. Ahmed created GenieTeams together with the other founders as a product of HIT Lab specifically focussed on team dynamics and analytics. He has trained himself in systems analysis and leads the company’s efforts in targeting both the public and private sector to promote HIT Lab’s products. Ahmed is of Egyptian decent and moved to Finland to pursue his career in Medicine when he fell in love with the culture and decided to stay which is where he established the home of HIT Lab. AN interesting fact for someone used to +40°C to move to -20°C.

Dr. Anna Naumenko

Business Psychologist Psychometrician Ph.D.

Aka. Creative psychologist who has designed innovative theories

Anna has over 14 years of experience as a business psychologist in multiple roles including test development, HR management, career guidance and business analysis. Anna loves teaching and writing about psychology and has even published a book and over 100 papers and articles in academic editions and popular periodicals. She has a vast amount of knowledge and her psychometric skills include full cycle of questionnaire development and assessment centre design. Anna was born in Russia where she qualified prior to moving to the UK to live with her children and husband. She speaks over 4 languages fluently and loves to travel.

Professor Vesa Routamaa

Faculty of Business Studies, Management, Vaasa University, Finland.

aka. Our serial researcher on the topics of business and psychology.

Vesa is a very experienced psychologist who has spent the most part of his life studying and teaching all aspects of human capital. He is a resident professor at the University of Vasaa close to where he resides and founded the LEADEC Leadership Development Center Ltd, an organisation that assists private and public institutions with all things people related, from leadership development, coaching, adult education and team building to change management and intercultural communication. Vesa has over 200 publications and has won 9 global honors and awards from across the world including South Africa, Thailand, Finland and USA. Vesa loves to sail sailor and enjoys spending time in China, a country he has studied over several years and where he gets a lot of his inspiration from.

Ravi Daswani

Entrepreneur, ex-Facebook & ex-Google

aka. The enthusiastic guy who does a lot of the talking.

Ravi is a tech enthusiast and very passionate about human values. His expertise is in business management, sales and digital marketing. Whilst working for Google and Facebook he managed global accounts and his role involved helping multinationals develop marketing strategies to engage with their consumers across different touch-points. Ravi quit his job to venture in to the world of startups and entrepreneurship and co-founded Crystalusion Limited an award-winning nanotechnology company manufacturing innovative and advanced consumer protection solutions. Ravi joined GenieTeams as an investor and co-founder because he truly believes in the importance of having the right team dynamics in order to succeed. Ravi is an Indian who was born in Yokohama, raised in Barcelona, studied in London and has been fortunate to have worked in multiple cities around the world. He speaks 5 languages and is keen about gastronomy.

Yacin Dehairi

The First Ingredient Oy

aka. The guy who doesn’t see the sky as the limit.

Yacin is a multi-skilled creative marketing innovator, a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of The First Ingredient Oy, a marketing agency. He is known for his endless creativity, tireless idea generation and the quality and speed of execution. At GenieTeams, he always strives to understand and relate to the global picture. He is skilled at envisioning new possibilities and opportunities, teaching others to see everything from a new perspective. Yacin believes that when a problem arises in a situation, by relating to the end user are you truly able to understand and solve the issue at hand.

Markus Peräkylä

The First Ingredient Oy

aka. The “micro-manager”.

Markus is a scientist at heart with years of experience in marketing, sales, and team management. In GenieTeams, he is the one who always tries to look at the core of things and understand the underlying principles of how everything works. Markus has an entrepreneurial mindset and is always working and organizing effectively, to enable the achievement of the aims and objectives of the company - this makes everyone’s life a lot easier at GenieTeams. His career interests lie in human development and he loves motorcycles.

Adrien Leger

MBA Graduate Strategic Marketing

aka. Our first ever sales & marketing employee.

Adrien graduated from INSEEC business school in 2016 with a masters degree in Strategic Marketing and Brand Innovation. He joined the GenieTeams team in order to develop and implement marketing strategies, identifying start-up scalability opportunities, manage outsourced teams, and conducting competitive analysis. Adrien is not afraid of integrating with any culture and has worked in roles in Canada, United Kingdom, and the US for companies like Mercedes-Benz, Ucar and NutriSavings. Adrien grew up in Paris and is a keen traveller and foodie.

Natalya Bed-Lushchyk

Lead UX Architect

aka. The one who makes the users life easier.

Natalya fell in love with UX after experimenting with process improvement in development process and digital marketing. Her passion is to be a successful designer with a lead character role. Upon joining the GenieTeams team she has demonstrated outstanding problem solving and bridge building skills. Natalya is from Ukraine and speaks 3 languages. She runs an innovation company that provides high-quality services to help start-ups develop themselves. Natalya is an entrepreneur at heart.