The Art of Building Successful Innovating Teams

Latest development in business psychology.


Is your team organised for success?

Todays’ trend on globalisation is creating a huge amount of challenges, worldwide, for companies alike. Not only are they forced to collaborate globally but also with a range of different people and departments.



Where do we come in?

We at HIT Lab Ltd designed GenieTeams, a tool that utilises a complex tailored technology that provides you with insight on your cognitive functions, problem solving traits, learning styles, innovative work behaviour and innoversity.



How can GenieTeams help?

All people are different in the way they collect and perceive information, communicate it to others and make decisions. GenieTeams will help you engage effectively, inspire others and achieve a feeling of fulfilment.



“Although, teams that are large, virtual, diverse, and composed of highly educated specialists are increasingly crucial with challenging projects, those same four characteristics make it hard for teams to get things done.”
Based on research conducted by the Concours Institute and London Business School

Who is GenieTeams for?

No matter who you are, you will benefit from using GenieTeams. We have customised the tool even for project managers and HR departments, allowing them to save time and money, enabling them to fine tune their organisations to reach the heights they have always dreamed of:

Cognitive functions
Discover what cognitive functions you posses.
Learning styles
Discover how you are able to learn efficiently.
Innovator styles
See where you best fit in the innovation process.
Team working styles
Understand how you work best in a team.
Your Business Attitude
Understand how you acquire and process important information.
Strengths and dormant skills
Discover how and where to contribute in the innovation process.
Build your dream team
Identify the right members to your project requirements.
Increase overall efficiency
Discover how your team will succeed and much more!

Get to know the team behind the scenes

Dr Ahmed Shalaby, PhD
Dr Ahmed Shalaby, PhD
Dr Anna Naumenko, PhD
Dr Anna Naumenko, PhD
Business Psychologist, Psychometrician
Prof. Vesa Routamaa
Prof. Vesa Routamaa
The Professor
Natalya Bed-Lushchyk
Natalya Bed-Lushchyk
Lead UX Architect
Adrien Leger
Adrien Leger
Strategic Marketer
Ravi Daswani
Ravi Daswani
Serial Entrepreneur

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